A trip across the Atlantic forged a connection

“Harlaxton is a truly special place.”

Alice Pyclik

Semester at Harlaxton: Spring 2016

Do you have a favorite trip from your time at Harlaxton?

My favorite trip would have to be an independent trip to Cologne, Germany, that I planned with two other students. It was nice to go to a smaller, slightly less-traveled city, because it had plenty of things to do, but at the same time, it wasn't crowded. Cologne is a very old city, and two of its biggest attractions are right next to each other. One is the Cologne Cathedral, a huge, dual-spired church constructed in the Middle Ages, and the other is an arch that has been there since the time of the Roman Empire. I also recommend the Chocolate Museum, as well as Flora, which is a huge garden that you can walk through and admire. Cologne was a great pace to enjoy history and beauty at a slower pace than we would have at a city like Munich, London, or Paris. It was very authentic, too: Some locals don't speak English, so I was able to practice what I learned in Professor Meredig's German class when there was some confusion with my order at a restaurant near the Cathedral.

Did your time at Harlaxton have any influence on your future?

Was it a life-changing experience? Harlaxton had a huge influence on my future because it is where I met my husband. I'm sure many people have similar stories, but I found it interesting that although Stuart and I had already been in three classes together at UE, it took a trip across the Atlantic for us to finally make a connection. We are both very reserved people, but Harlaxton doesn't really allow for that. Since you're packed in a space with 150 other students, you kind of have to talk to people, and so we did. Next thing we knew, we were having our first date at Burns Night, planning trips to Liverpool and Cologne together, and thinking about the future. One thing that I particularly enjoyed about our time together at Harlaxton was that I was taking a class about the Beatles during that semester, and the songs covered in that class seemed to line up perfectly with the progression of our relationship ("It Won't Be Long" was covered right before our first date, "Good Day Sunshine" during the exciting newness of our relationship, "Hey Jude" when we were certain that we were the right ones for each other, etc.). "I've Just Seen a Face," which describes our story and the way we feel about each other very well, was even the recessional song at our wedding in June 2018. Harlaxton is a truly special place. I'm never going to forget its role in bringing Stuart and I together, all to the soundtrack of the Beatles.


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