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Harlaxton College students travel on college-sponsored programs and on their own.

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College-Organized Travel

Making Travel Easy

Not ready to start booking your own tickets across Europe? No problem! Our staff arranges numerous trips throughout the course of your semester abroad, ensuring everyone the opportunity to experience other cultures.

Semester College-Organized Travel

For forty years, Harlaxton has organized travel for purchase by Harlaxton students and faculty members, in the early years around some of the most important places Britain, and in more recent years with the addition of Ireland and Italy.

These trips complement your classroom work and are part of the package. They are hassle free—the big “coaches” pick us up at the front door of Harlaxton Manor and return us there after the journey. You don’t have to find a place to stay or worry about buses or trains or flights or how to get to places or whom you might meet. It is a safe, organized, and structured way to travel, and these journeys offer a very good value.