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Harlaxton College students travel on college-sponsored programs and on their own.

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Independent Travel

On the Road Again ... On Your Own

Over the course of their semester abroad, students are encouraged to see the world, taking trips on their own or with other students to the places they most want to experience.

Independent Travel

Many students add some independent travel to their Harlaxton Experience.

It is more of a hassle. You inevitably make mistakes—some of them costly in money and time. You are what the name describes—independent, on your own (though many students do this in small groups).

But it has advantages: flexibility, discovery, independence, learning how to do it all.

You organize this on your own—we can’t, and we don’t do it for you. Take the College trips if you want that kind of help and service. But there are quite a few people around who can advise, and we hold one or more seminars on independent travel, and we are here to support you if something goes wrong—though it may be by telephone and in another country.

Destinations? Well, the road’s the limit—and Europe’s budget airlines, trains, and ferries. Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Berlin, Salzburg, Madrid, the Greek Islands?

You choose.

You go.

(And come back, of course. We’ll leave the light on for you at Harlaxton Manor!)