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Harlaxton College students travel on college-sponsored programs and on their own.

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Traveling the World

Whether going on college-organized trips or traveling independently, students at Harlaxton have the opportunity to see the world during their semester abroad.

Learning without borders or bounds.

That’s Harlaxton College.

And our goal is that our students become—all of us, really—“responsible global citizens.”

In the core interdisciplinary course in British Studies, the whole College takes field trips to:

  • the Roman and Medieval City of Lincoln, forty miles away, to study impressive Roman remains, a great Medieval Castle, and an equally great Medieval Cathedral
  • to a Victorian “workhouse” at Southwell, where the poor were stuffed away, and also to their own house, Victorian Harlaxton Manor, to study how the wealthier class lived
  • to the City of London, studying the monuments of British history in St. Paul’s Cathedral and historical portraits of British monarchs and leaders in the National Portrait Gallery, alongside the National Gallery of Art.

Where else do Harlaxton students travel and how?

Other British Studies trips go to the beautiful Medieval/Georgian town of Stamford, to Isaac Newton’s Woolsthorpe Manor, and to magnificent Burghley House, estate of Queen Elizabeth I’s chief minister (and still in the same family since 1555).

Individual classes travel to sites connected to their studies: so, psychology may go to the Freud Museum in London, archeology to Viking and Saxon sites in East Anglia; nurses to the Florence Nightingale Museum in London; biology to Kew Gardens in London; Shakespeare students to Stratford upon Avon and the Globe Theatre in London; history to the Churchill War Rooms in London, and on and on.

Other College-sponsored travel goes to London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Stonehenge, the Lake District, North Wales, Edinburgh and Hadrian’s Wall, Durham, Liverpool, Ireland, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Nottingham, Leicester, area theatre productions, and sporting “fixtures”—a full taste of British and European life.

And students travel on their own! Europe has several airlines that are budget-friendly and are well-organized for student travel. So a typical weekend checkout might list Paris, Canterbury, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Greece, Munich, Switzerland, Stockholm, Rome, London, or anywhere your fancy might lead.

Harlaxton students are like Susan Sontag: “I’ve not been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”