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Student Life

Students enjoy a variety of activities while at Harlaxton College.

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Student Life

A Full Service Program

"Harlaxton's program made me feel right at home and helped me build confidence. I was really worried about leaving home for this long period of time. I've never been away from my hometown or family this long, but between the House competitions, SGA activities, and meeting new people, I never was homesick." -Kaysha Green, Spring 2015

"Harlaxton is an adventure. A journey of discovery both of one's self and the world. A new beginning. An opportunity with no limits. A home that has forever captured a piece of my heart. A real life fairy-tale whose stories extend far beyond the pages of the semester. A place of late night movies, bonding in the bistro, laughter in the lounges, endless talking, family among people who were strangers, and an open door to discovering the world." Amanda Feagans, Spring 2015

Harlaxton is a unique full-service college that caters to the needs of students and provides a strong sense of community.

Students form close relationships with each other, faculty and staff, as well as people in the local community through the Meet-a-Family Experience. This creates a firm support system, making the transition and cultural adjustment to English life an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Unlike most study abroad programs, Harlaxton College offers numerous student organizations and activities that promote involvement across a wide variety of interests, including student leadership committees, theatre, choir, music, sports, Christian Fellowship, PRIDE, and more. British-style House competitions (think Harry Potter) keep students engaged throughout the semester, allowing them to show their talents in different areas – academic, athletic, creative and social – while earning points for their House.

With so many activities and organizations at Harlaxton, there is plenty of opportunity for personal development and gaining positive leadership qualities while also building lasting friendships along the way.