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Update to our British Studies courses

Posted: Tuesday, February 2, 2021

We are pleased to provide an update on British Studies at Harlaxton. The course has been updated to be two courses (BRIT 220/320 and BRIT 230/330), but still carries the same general education credit and now includes two writing across the curriculum credits. We know that you and your students may have questions. We've answered some commonly-asked questions in a Q&A below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out at or

Is the course required for all students?

University of Evansville students are required to do at least one of the two new British Studies course options. But we would encourage students to consider taking both. Both are Harlaxton signature courses, taught by British professors, and provide students with answers to their FAQs about Britain – hopefully generating even more questions! Living in Britain, studying in Britain, connecting to the local community, helping to affect change in that community, will be immeasurably enhanced by having a clear understanding of the historical and contemporary issues, and cultural trends, that have shaped that community and British society.

What general education credits will a student receive?

Students can continue to obtain the same General Education credits for British Studies – the difference is they are now available in two, self-contained course options:

  • For BRIT 220/320 the General Education Outcome is Outcome 3
  • For BRIT 230/330 the General Education Outcome is Outcome 2

So, if UE students choose to take both options, they will continue to receive General Education Credits and Writing Credit.

What is the difference between the 200, 300, and honors levels?

For Brit 220/320/320H the key assignments will be two research papers (with drafts). The questions will be assigned, and the level of difficulty will vary according to the different levels of the British Studies course (200, 300, Hons).

For BRIT 230/330/H the key assignments will be a close reading and a research paper (with draft).

For BRIT 330 an additional critical-creative photo-essay will be submitted.

For BRIT 330 Honors there will be an additional presentation linked to an assigned reading.

Is there a lecture and seminar?

Just seminars, no more 8.30 lectures.

Are there still British Studies exam days?

One end of term exam for BRIT 220/320.

Why have we made this change?

In the era of Covid, and post-Covid, having a course comprising a total of 28, one-hour lectures, requiring the attendance of all students, is no longer acceptable.

Will I still have the British Studies experience with British professors?

Yes. It’s what makes British Studies, British Studies!

We thank all of you for your support and love of Harlaxton. We are working hard to open soon and welcome all back to the Manor!

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