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Harlaxton College receives Historic England Angel Award

Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Harlaxton College has received a certificate of commendation from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Historic England’s Chief Executive Duncan Wilson in the ‘Best Rescue of an Historic Building or Place (under £5 million)’ category of Historic England’s Angel Awards 2018.

It was received in recognition of the ‘time, effort and determination’ of the College to repair and restore the South-West and North-East Gazebos and Retaining Wall which form part of the entrance forecourt group of structures which significantly contribute to the framed setting of Harlaxton Manor and is highly visible from the main approach to the manor and contributes to its theatrical silhouette.

In receiving the award, Harlaxton College would like to acknowledge the dedication and skill of Skillingtons Workshop (main contractor), the generous financial support of our donors and Historic England, and the support of the University as a whole.

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