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Harlaxton Manor Receives Musical Gift

Posted: Friday, August 24, 2018

This August marked the final summer course for Walker Rutledge, an esteemed professor who has been teaching an annual summer Introduction to Literature program for Gatton Academy students at Harlaxton College for the past five years. This immersive course featured alternating class days at the manor with literary field trips to various locations throughout England. Professor Rutledge also spent the fall semester of 2016 teaching at Harlaxton as a visiting faculty member from Western Kentucky University. Rutledge, who plans to retire in 2019, is currently WKU’s longest-serving faculty member.

He is also an accomplished jazz pianist and would often start his classes each morning in the Long Gallery with a song. To commemorate his time at Harlaxton, Professor Rutledge gifted the manor with a new piano, which he dedicated to his late piano teacher, Ed Dansereau. The piano is now located in the Van der Elst Room in the manor for future generations at Harlaxton to enjoy.

People standing around a piano

Faculty and staff gather round the new piano to celebrate Rutledge’s generous gift.

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