Your New Home

Harlaxton is a unique program that aims to cater to the needs of all students and provide a strong sense of community.

Harlaxton offers unique programs, such as our Meet-A-Family program, to help students engage with others at the manor and in the community. These programs set students on their paths to becoming global citizens and helps them fully immerse themselves in their study abroad experience.

Harlaxton College also offers numerous student organizations and activities that promote involvement across a wide variety of interests, including student leadership committees, theatre, choir, music, sports, Christian Fellowship, PRIDE, and more. British-style House competitions (think Harry Potter) keep students engaged throughout the term, allowing them to show their talents in different areas – academic, athletic, creative and social – while earning points for their House.

With so many activities and organizations at Harlaxton, there is plenty of opportunity for personal development and gaining positive leadership qualities while also building lasting friendships along the way.