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Embrace UK is a fast paced, real world, international marketing agency operated by students looking for a real-world experience while studying abroad. Be a part of a team that will run Embrace UK from the changemaking hub, Harlaxton College. Located an hour north of London via train, Harlaxton is the ideal place to live, learn, and grow. Being a part of Embrace will help take that experience to the next level- working with British clients and British colleagues, working on real world projects, and being a part of an experience that will make your resume stand out from the crowd!

To be a part of Embrace UK, please review the position descriptions and decide which role you wish to apply for. Students will complete the application and will be interviewed for the positions available. If selected, you will be required to participate in Embrace UK as well as complimenting your schedule with other courses offered. We recommend that you speak to your academic advisor to determine which courses will work best. Embrace students generally take three courses beyond the Embrace experience.

“Embrace was undoubtedly the most valuable program I participated in during my time at UE, for reasons that go far beyond the practical experience I gained in marketing and communications. By delivering professional services and navigating complex relationships with a diverse range of clients, I not only developed technical proficiency required for agency work, I also made immensely valuable discoveries about myself, my interpersonal values, and my professional goals in real time. The Embrace experience - including the rich network of peers and mentors I gained - equipped me to embark on my post-college journey with a sense of confidence and purpose that just can't be taught with a textbook.” Emily Schuster - Class of 2020

Starting Spring 2023