British Studies Levels

200-Level (BRIT 201 and 202): This is the base level for British Studies. The course(s) is a discussion-based class, taught over seven weeks, comprising two lectures and two seminars per week, complemented by a field trip. The field trip complements a course of study that each week addresses a specific era or theme enabling students to situate the issues confronting modern Britain.

300-Level (BRIT 301 and 302): Students taking the course(s) for 300-level will attend an additional three seminars and complete two written assignments (of 1,000 words each) linked to these seminars. Students will be expected to prepare for seminars by examining relevant primary and secondary sources. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, students will analyse the issue of British national identity by examining themes such as travel, language, ethnicity, the landscape, and communications. The 300-level of the course(s) provides an opportunity for students to pursue a more detailed and analytical study of the key themes of the 200-level.

Honors-Level (BRIT 301H and 302H): This level allows Honors students to direct their studies towards their major, and combines experiential learning with research-led interdisciplinary teaching to enhance students’ skills and their appreciation of Britain’s past and present during their time in the U.K. The Honors section, delivered through seven additional seminars, encourages a process of cultural immersion and helps develop a sense of global responsibility which is integral to study at Harlaxton. Should students wish, the project may provide the opportunity to undertake some preliminary research which will form the foundation for a senior thesis, dissertation or similar capstone activity.

Eligibility for Honors-Level

Students are eligible to enroll for BRIT 301H and 302H (Honors) if they are enrolled in the University of Evansville Honors program, or their own School’s Honors program, or should their School not have an Honors program, if they meet the criteria for admission to the UE Honors Program (; in which case, they would not be required to apply to the UE Honors Program but would be admitted to BRIT 301H and 302H at Harlaxton.

British Studies