British Studies Courses

All students are required to take British Studies 1, as it creates a common foundation for study in the United Kingdom as a community at Harlaxton College. Students from the University of Evansville will be expected to take both British Studies courses to meet general education requirements (Outcomes 2 and 3 and Writing Across the Curriculum). Students from other universities should review the course syllabi and consult with their advisors on their requirements for British Studies.

British Studies 1 (BRIT 201; BRIT 301; BRIT 301H) adopts a ‘Four Nations’ approach to consider the development of the four nations of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. British Studies 1 situates the emergence of these nations, both historically and culturally, within the central theme of national identity. Students are encouraged to reflect on the issues and stereotypes that emerge out of competing national identities, contested borders, and the continued significance such issues in the modern world.

British Studies 2 (BRIT 202; BRIT 302; BRIT 302H) combines a chronological and thematic approach to situate, historically and culturally, Britain’s industrial and imperial identity; its post imperial and post- industrial identity; the memory of the World Wars; the Welfare State; and the often fractious relationships between the different components of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the era of BREXIT.

British Studies