British Studies Courses

British Studies H282

British Studies (BRIT H282) surveys the development of the various nations within the British Isles and considers their individual and collective identities. By understanding the protracted and difficult process by which the United Kingdom became unified, the course helps students better appreciate the nation in which they are living and allows them to engage in current debates about contemporary Britain and its future.

The course consists of twenty-eight twice-weekly lectures and seminars and various field trips, and it is also incorporated into many of the college’s wide range of extra-curricular activities, especially the travel program. Through this holistic approach, students at Harlaxton are encouraged to reflect on concepts of identity - national and individual - and the challenges that people and nations face in an increasingly globalized world. As part of the wider Harlaxton Experience the British Studies program helps students take an important step towards becoming responsible global citizens.

British Studies H382

British Studies (BRIT H382) is available for those students requiring 300 level credit. It explores the ways in which Britain and Ireland have been mapped, imagined, constructed, and described. Alongside the main lecture and seminar program (BRIT H282), the BRIT H382 classes provide both an intellectual challenge and an opportunity for students to pursue a more detailed and analytical study of the key themes of the British Studies course. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, students will analyze various aspects of British national identity by examining issues such as travel, language, ethnicity, the landscape, and communication.

In addition to the core British Studies course, each BRIT H382 student will attend four seminars and complete four written assignments. Subjects for discussion in the past have included medieval English colonialism in Wales and Ireland (c.1200), Tudor atlases (c.1550), Victorian literature and literary tourism (c.1850), and representations of contemporary Britain in movies and novels.

British Studies H382 Honors

The Honors section adds a further element to the BRIT H282 program. It offers a unique and sophisticated course to students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. The course allows honors students to direct their studies towards their major and combines experiential learning with research-led teaching to enhance students’ skills and their appreciation of Britain’s past and present during their time in the UK.

The honors class is taught through a series of seminars and tutorials in addition to and running parallel with the six credit BRIT H282 program which provides a survey of British history and culture from earliest times to the present day. Honors students will enjoy further small-group seminars and individual tutorials, various field trips, and extra-curricular events.

Led by members of Harlaxton’s British faculty, the honors classes provide an interdisciplinary approach to studying the United Kingdom. British Studies Honors draws on the finest British, Irish, and American pedagogical traditions to provide Harlaxton honors students with a unique educational experience.

British Studies