Restorations and Donors

Student and Faculty Residences

Students live either in halls in the main Manor or on the two floors of the Carriage House. Over the past few years, all residence halls have been repaired, renovated, and updated. The Estates Team makes needed repairs, room by room, at the end of each semester and at the end of the busy summer programs. A rolling program of renovations and replacements is in place to keep the student rooms in good condition for all Harlaxton students.

Faculty live either in the State Bedrooms created by Gregory Gregory, or in small flats created for faculty who bring families with children. Following a ten year project program, all of the faculty residences have been renovated and are carefully maintained and repaired each year.

The Sports Hall

A facility used all year round, a new roof was put on the Sports Hall in June 2013. A multi-year project, new and necessary drainage systems were added in the 2013-14 year, a new floor was laid in 2013/14 and a complete renovation of changing rooms and shower facilties was completed in 2014/15.

Wireless Network

Thanks to the major gift of Alan and Sharon Braun, the Harlaxton campus became wireless in 2007. In addition to academic uses, students can work literally anywhere on campus and keep up with family and friends in the States.

State Rooms

The Gold Room, Drawing Room, Gold Staircase, Long Gallery Ante Room and Morning Room have all benefited from recent painting, wallpapering, and plaster repairs. All of the beautiful wood floors have been refinished and are now regularly maintained despite the constant moving of tables and chairs, and the thousands of steps taken each year.

The Gatehouse

The restoration of the 1830s Salvin Gatehouse was made possible through a major gift from Burkley and Sharon McCarthy of Evansville, and with grants from English Heritage. Saving the building from further deterioration, the 2007-2009 project restored living spaces not occupied since the 1950s. It was the intent of the McCarthys not only to conserve an architecturally important building, but to create funding for future projects at Harlaxton by renting the created flats for short stays, sabbaticals, and longer term rentals. Great building. Great vision.

The Lion Terrace

A beautiful Baroque garden feature, the feature nearest to the Manor itself, the Lion Terrace had long been named on English Heritage’s national “at risk” register. Discussions with English Heritage led to the offer of a substantial grant to move forward with repairs. Following a lengthy and difficult project, the Lion Terrace has been restored to its place of honor in the Manor Gardens. The terrace is home to a pair of marble lions known to generations of Harlaxton students.

The Schroeder Front Courtyard

Restorations to the magnificent entry courtyard were made in honor of long time UE trustee and Harlaxton benefactor, John H. Schroeder, given by John C. and Diane Schroeder, John also a UE trustee. This extraordinary, generous gift allowed for major repairs to the entry lodges, stone arcades, and the massive stairway leading to the side gardens. Included in the 2012 project were repairs to the other two pairs of “Harlaxton Lions,” the Coade stone lions on the stairs, and the impressive French bronze lions (and also tigers!) that guard the front of the Manor.

The Pegasus Tower

Following the success of the Gatehouse, donors Burkley and Sharon McCarthy offered a second major gift to create another apartment in an area of the Manor which had not previously been used. Space in the Pegasus Courtyard tower was identified and after the 2012-13 works, the flat was inaugurated by Sharon McCarthy in March 2013.

Italian Garden

The focus of another English Heritage grant, the project to repair a collapsed wall and associated steps, buttresses, and pergolas began in summer 2013 and was completed in the summer of 2015.

Additional gifts were received from John C. and Diane Schroeder and from the Worthington Family Endowment which allowed us to fund repairs to all the remaining elements of this part of the Garden.

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