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Harlaxton College faculty work with students to provide a living and learning environment.

Gregory Lettering

Harlaxton’s greatness comes from many things, starting with our spectacular Manor. There is no doubt that part of what makes this program the best of its kind relates to the effect that this house has on our students, and on all of us, instantly and over time.

But, it is not fully accurate to say that the greatness of Harlaxton is solely the result of an exuberant and grand gesture. Harlaxton is the life work of many caring individuals. A large part of the greatness of Harlaxton, therefore, results from the cumulative effect of small gestures – made by our faculty and staff - on the lives and development of the students who have the privilege to live and study here.

We can and do find the greatness of Harlaxton in what we do every day. We find it in consistent, conscientious, and dedicated effort - in a commitment to doing things right and to treating people well on a daily basis. Here, in the About Us section, you will learn a little more about the people, the place, and the services – the little and the big things - that make Harlaxton an incomparable provider of study abroad.